Samsung Double Time





Fair Market Price:
The "Fair Market Price" represents the median price. (Number separating the higher half of a sales data from the lower half.


Condition price based on:

Fair Market Range:
This "Fair Market Range" represents the low and high price of the fair market price.

Low: $70.11


High: $77.47

Price Certainty:
Our price certainty formula represents the stability of the fair market price.

Low (Not enough data)

Sale Prices for the Past 10 days

Based on our analysis of data from actual sales, you can expect to buy or sell this device in Good condition for $74.95. Depending on the exact condition the price may vary from $70.11 to $77.47. The fair market price is the median price paid for this device, which is the statistically accurate representation of the average price that buyers have paid.

Phone Condition
  • 18.18%
  • 36.36%
  • 45.45%
  • "2" out of 11 total sales
  • "4" out of 11 total sales
  • "5" out of 11 total sales
Display Condition:
  • Excellent: (?) A display in "excellent" condition will have negligible damage—hardly visible from an arm's length.

  • Moderate Wear: (?) A display with "moderate wear" show signs of wear including longer and/or deeper scratches which are visible from an arm's length.

  • Heavy Wear: (?) Heavy wear has a fracture that has run through the device's display. Displays with numerous interconnected cracks are considered "shattered."

  • Shattered: (?) A "shattered" display will have numerous interconnected cracks making it difficult or impossible to use the display.
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Housing Condition:
  • Excellent: (?) A housing in "excellent" condition will have negligible damage—at most light swirling but no scratches or dings.

  • Moderate Wear: (?) A housing with "moderate wear" will show signs of wear ranging from scratches and dings to chips.

  • Heavy Wear: (?) A housing with "heavy wear" will show moderate wear as well as dents and cracks.
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  • Works perfectly: No issues, works like new.

  • Not working: There are hardware or software issues; broken buttons, cannot boot, will not recognize SIM, etc.

  • Water Damage: The phone has been water damaged, causing corrosion damage to the circuitry and/or battery—does not function properly.
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Analyzed Data
  • Number of Sales:

  • Buy it new:

  • Most Frequent Price:

  • Last Updated:

Average Price Over the last 30 days

A device’s price can fluctuate over time depending on numerous factors including supply, demand and competing options. Below you can find the average price per day and the corresponding sales volume as well. Price behavior and sales statistics are displayed in the sidebar.

Sales Statistics
Price Change (30 Days)
Price Ranking
Volume Change (30 Days)
Volume Ranking
Environmental Impact - Don't Throw it Away!

Your phone has more of an environmental impact than you may think, which is why it's important to recycle or resell your phone. From unrecovered gold and silver to toxic lead and cadmium, improperly disposed smartphones waste resources and pollute our environment. Join us in promoting responsible consumption by repurposing your old phone or tablet on the second hand market using Movaluate’s price guides.

  • Precious Metals

    This device contains roughly 0.034g of Gold, 0.35g of Silver, 16g of Copper, and 0.015g of Palladium, as well as Tin, Coltan and Platinum.

  • Pollutants

    This device also contains pollutants, most notably 0.259g of lead. That amount of lead alone can pollute over 4500 gallons of water.

  • Energy

    By repurposing one device through a sale, you save the energy consumed by the average household for 100 minutes.