How it works

Movaluate’s fair market appraisals are based on data collected from the millions of transaction made on online auction sites. We take these data points and carefully analyze them to determine the fair market price of your each used smart phone while accounting for their varying conditions. We take all of this information and organize it into an easily searchable and understandable format to help you make a confident and well-informed decision.

How to get price for your used android phone

Embed Movaluate Price Reports into your Craiglist and eBay Listings

If you look below your device’s image, you will find a shiny green "embed" button. Clicking this will drop down a box with the embed HTML code, which you can copy and paste into any listing editor that accepts HTML.

How to get price for your used android phone


If you see a Movaluate QR code around, scan it with your smart device and receive an immediate appraisal of your device! Our intelligent QR code will automatically recognize your phone or tablet and give you real-time price information.

Scan your your iphone and get used iphone price