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Every year 130 million mobile devices are retired, yet less than 20% are reused or properly recycled. That means over 104 million devices sit idly in desks, or are thrown into landfills where their toxic contents pollute our environment.

We wondered if there was some way to combine our love for smartphones and the environment in order to reduce unnecessary e-waste. That’s when we came up with Movaluate.

The main reason people don’t recycle or resell their phones is because it requires too much research and knowledge. With movaluate you can get your used smartphone value. Do you know much money your old phone is worth?

Movaluate facilitates the exchange of second hand mobile devices by giving its users an accurate pricing guide for their mobile devices. Movaluate combines data from millions of completed transactions with statistical analysis and expert review, in order to refine this massive of amount of information into actionable results.

We hope that our price guides and market insights will help streamline your buying and selling experience, so that you can get the most value out of your mobile devices.

Designed for users. Welcome to Movaluate.


Team Movaluate

Bellevue, WA

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