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  • 5 Free (Easy To Remember) Tips To Protect your Smartphone Display

    Protecting your smartphone’s display from damage doesn’t have to cost you money. While the peace of mind that comes with guaranteed protection in the form of Movaluate 7 Glass Screen Protectors is nice, if you are on a tight budget, we have some easy to remember tips to keep your device looking like new without costing you a dime!

    1. Keep Your Phone Out Of Your Lap

    When we are driving, we like having quick access to our phones, and nothing is quicker than having it in the natural pocket created between your legs. The trouble is, it’s far too easy to forget that your precious device is one car exit away from catastrophic failure. As you exit the car, you will sweep the phone right out onto the cold, hard pavement where your fragile display will meet its end.

    2. Don’t leave your phone on the kitchen counter

    If you cook a lot, you know how dangerous it can be to leave the phone on the kitchen counter. Crushed by heavy pots, splashed by all sorts of liquids or knocked off the ledge, the kitchen is no place for a phone. Keep your device in your pocket, or in an exceptionally safe location—difficult for foodies who like to keep recipes handy.

    3. Don’t use your phone while eating soup

    Yes, believe it or not, the good ol’ soup dunk tank has claimed far more phone lives than there should ever be. Even worse than water damage because of the difficult to clean residue which leads to corrosion. Related tip: be extra careful when taking pictures of food for the same reason.

    4. Always check your phone is secure before taking your seat on the throne

    What’s worse than bricking your phone because of water damage? Bricking your phone because of toilet water damage. Make sure your phone is deep in your pockets when entering and exiting the stall, lest we have an embarrassing story to tell tech support.

    5. Use an old phone as a stunt double

    Going hiking? Boating? Bachelorette Party? Do your new phone a favor and leave it at home. It’s a beautiful day, you are out on the water with your friends when you are playfully pushed into the lake. A refreshing dip for you, and a destructive cataclysm for your smartphone’s circuit board. 100% of these accidents are preventable by simply using your old phone for these precarious situations.

    If you have any other free tip ideas, give us a holler over on our Facebook Page.

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